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Reasons That Make Me Miss You
shruti modi (31-01-1990 / kolkata)

Reasons That Make Me Miss You

I regret meeting you, as your absence in my life hurts.
If only I hadn’t met you
If only you weren’t you

My heart pains when I think about you,
How lovely you’ve been to me,
Listened to me,
Spoken to me.

I miss the way your eyes dance,
I miss your second glance,
I miss the pink blush on your nose,
I miss when you smile and be with me,
I miss the way you touch me,
I miss you,
I miss the time I was with you,
I miss the timeless time spent with you
I miss missing time when I was with you.

I knew that you never could be mine
I knew we couldn’t accept ourselves together, even if we wanted to
I knew our lives would be ruined
And that’s the reason I said that you think too much
Just when you were thinking about us

I know I will keep meeting you
But just for now, cant I see you for real.

You’ve touched a chord inside of me,
And, even tough you want to be with me,
There are many things that would never let it be.

I know that age matters
But more, for me, is that you’re tied to someone.

I miss you, hope so do you.
Even tough I deny, In my heart you’ll stay alive
Were both alone, solitary, unloved;
But you know, we have reasons to not connect.

I love you and will always do
But I won’t keep in touch
As I want to miss you...

I am explaining my heart to consider someone else
But it just doesn’t listen… and I sit here and wonder,
I wonder how long I would miss you
And I wonder whether you miss me too..?

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Comments (9)

Very truthful and heartfelt poem with description of your inside melancholy..........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
speechless.......from the heart.
Love is always for less words. Silence is the greatest love. `Muhabbat hoti hai be jaban
speechless after reading this lovetale so much intense you are from within good write
speechless after reading this lovetale so much intense you are from within good write
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