CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Reasons Why: Pt.1: Jay-Z (C) 1-24-09

I’m sick of people askin me where has my mind gone
The constant anguish keeps my mind throbbin on an on
So now I’ll say it with the courage and the boldness of my heart
So this is one answer in the series so here I’ll begin to start
There’s this famous cat whose words really provokes me
By kickin me to the floor then proceeds to choke me
It’s jay-Z or Hova as he wants his name known
I’d never call him that I rather slam my face to a stone
I say that one because he’s spreadin my God’s name in vain
But I can’t slap em which is inflictin on me pain
And people always wonder why I don’t bang with a freemason
Then I thought I was a hypocrite cause Nas was my inspiration
I stand adjacent to the rule of a lyrically sick patient
I couldn't believe he'd turn on me and leave me in a baron wasteland
When I was emotionally sick I use his lyrics as my ether
So he's always had my back and is my air when I need a breather
No I can’t stop he’ll always inspire the words from my mind
Forever I’ll recite his rhymes and rap it to them all the time
But as for that nigga excuse me I can’t be used like you G
My mind is too valuable to be chopped and screwed B
I’d never let anyone confuse me
Because my mind is set on on goals not the torment of groupees
I’m tryna tell them niggaz man but they don’t seem to really understand
How frantic I am about the mouth of the glam, the build of a horse and
the crown of an eagle man
Which represents David’s star most niggaz don’t know who they are
But I can tell you that the thirteen glisteners don’t stand for an Ocean’s movie star
These nigga’s are wise ight just like the owl on the top right
The building of players and the sand bricks from the layers and
The way they show they name is tight right
Now I’m not here to stand and fight
Just tellin the reason why it’s him I dislike
Takin the name of my God and speakin death to my lord
Is only just somethin that’ll cause me to strike!

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Langston Hughes


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