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Reasons Why: Pt.2: Man-Nerism (C) 3-28-09

First off let me say this before I start to blow
In the question of if I prefer men I answer no
But here is the reason that question made it through
Just remember all those reasons are ones that are true
Most “Men” are supposed to be brawny and care none for the hearts of others
Supposed to be hairy, big and scary, and have heartfelt love for their mother
However I’m different in most of those respects
And weirdly that’s the reason gay’s what people suspect
I’m tall skinny, never say gimme, cause manners are in my mind
I let my sensitive side roam free and for guys that’s hard to find
I’m a 6’2 black male that doesn’t ball which most don’t believe
And I might’ve had Gastroschisis cause I wore my heart on my sleeve
Personally facial hair is the devil and shows that I’m maturing
I do yearn for the girl’s warmth for to me she’s the most alluring
I don’t fight to intimidate but I fight the intimidator
I appreciate the wisdom of my Elders but I’m not an imitator
I love my mother dearly cause nothing could ever get her
However love was conditional until she wrote me a touching letter
Sometimes I mock homosexual mannerism but I do it jokingly
If I had to watch my every move I’d fell the shadows again choking me
Because I wear a pea coat, Kango hat, dress pants, and a suit jacket
Doesn’t make me, non offensively to aggressors, an ambiguous faggot
So maybe you think I’m gay cause of my writing and acrobatism
But I can careless cause I realized that’s just my mannerism

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a really powerful narrative of independence and cultural awareness, , ..not minimizing but identifyling....., poking fun at those who might poke fun at you....you beat them to the draw