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Reasons Why: Pt.3: Hypocritical (C) 9-10-09

In most of my lines in my poetry you may noticed what I’m called
It’s a name I gave myself though when most read they’re awed
It’s a feelin I feel for myself and I know my knowledge is on the rise
But Solomon was somewhat hypocritical though among men he’s wise
You see I say it because…well it’s the truth
You will always catch me speakin words of wisdom to the youth
See it’s hard to take my own advice though I know intellectually
These feelings of thievery, selfishness, and from problems sexually
Having a low self esteem sometimes wanting suicide
You see you don’t understand what I’d do if I
Had a gun for a day and the authorities made way
For me to have unlimited ammo go around and spray
I would kill every gangster thug and hustler
Force a few girls to be mine though with another I’d bust her
Tear up anything and everything that got on my nerves
Try to give to everyone somethin that they deserve
Then realize from my “Peaceprints” I only left hurt and pain
Then I’d take the gun and bullets and jam both in my brain
Now that’s for example but it’s a bunch more that I do
It’s a messed up way to go but I know all is true
Like sex I know its wrong and I know of all the danger
But see me its like I’d do anything with a whole stranger
I try to tell others sex drive is somethin we must tame
But I’m a hypocrite and with troubles I’m doin the same
Pornography is a killer got me by a stranglehold
And the internet t.v. and radio does everything to entangle those
That let him…And though I know I shouldn’t its hard to not
When at some unmentionable name’s houses I could view it on spot
I want not to fight but when the moment comes…ok I don’t try
But when the action starts I feel that its time for someone to die
But see I never liked guns but violence was on my mind
I hate those that disobey the law though I commit the same crimes
Freeze up when virginity is a question I know I was wrong
Though a mistake if my mom reads this section she’d look at it wrong
It’s not a good thing for me to leave and be crossed alone
And an evil personification blamin it on testosterone
I know the almighty sees me and I know I completely confuse them
Because I do all my dirt and then to people I try to introduce him
See with this category I really don’t want to fit though
It’s just that I know you have to know to be hypocritical

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Robert Frost

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