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Reasons Why: Pt.4: Pledge Of Allegiance (C) 2-26-2010

I pledge no allegiance
Why should I, what would be my reason
In History, America documents that all men were created equal
So that’s why my people were treated like sheep without a shepherd
That’s why we were allowed to be sold to the angry wolves
And beat to pick our own wool
Like dogs they made us sleep outside and be separated from our families
They exported men and women even children, ancestors of mine
Shackled and torn only held on by the belief that heaven would save them
The people that were shot in the back
Or had their shins literally broken
For trying to find the freedom that America advertised
Like horses they were branded with the logo of their “masters”
And the minds of their “masters” were backed by the seal of America
Unlike the eagle there was no opportunity to fly freely
And we were gunned down if we attempted escape,
Nat Turner
Unauthorized use of ownership
I say if the hypocrites of America really believe all men were created equal
And John Locke had truth to his Life, Liberty, and Property
Then what were we, were we any less than human
A half of a evolution past monkeys
But not far enough to have the equal rights of the white man
To where even the bastards that signed the bill owned my people
Then to hell with them too, but not the imaginary fiery pits of darkness
But into their hell where men like me can actually write and read
To where we can build a foundation of equivalent or richer value
Of the ones that believed they were more human than me
I loved to see them look at that same dog as president
The wear and tear of their beliefs and affiliations
I will never pledge allegiance to the flag,
Of the land of the free and the home of the slave
And what is it to you, you wouldn’t kill a dog for not catchin a Frisbee
So if I’m said to not be a human with equal creation than I won’t
I will never, as long as I live my allegiance is only with God
Not on the colors of seam together to make an symbolic cloth
That red stands for the blood stains of my brothers and sisters
Of the former slaves that were beaten to create the America of today
That blue stands for the sorrow and sadness of my brothers and sisters
That have to cope everyday with the struggles and hardships
That wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for us
That white stands for the bodies of the evil beings
Disguised their black magic with their skin tone
And stole everything we’ve ever owned
So truthfully if anything America is owned by the Natives and Africans
The ones that brought their diseases to a nation of humans
That were more civilized than the barbarians they are today
I’d spit on the flag if handed to me so don’t worry if I don’t pledge allegiance
That’s the nicest thing I could think of when I see it
So I’ll never worship a flag what do I need a reason for
This is a speck of my strings of reasons that happens to be reason four.

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Pablo Neruda

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