I Live My Life Blue

Blue, everywhere is blue,
all i see is blue,
blue is on my inside and outside and everywhere in between.
When i open my mouth a sea of blue emotions run out.
when i look out the window i see the blue sky,
the blue house next door,
and even that blue car strolling by.
Blue is the color of my soul,
open or closed my eyes only see blue
blue isnt only the color of sadness,
its peace, quiet, hope and laughter.
Blue is a shape shifter and takes many forms.

by Bella Canon

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SO she died slamming her door?
Very Well Written Poem! ! ! ! ! With Lots Of Wisdom Shown! ! ! ! !
(Rebecca by Hilaire Belloc.) **Huge price for a door slammer.
Clever cautionary tale.
lol I was a door slammer when I was little, guess I'm luck to have survived. Very enjoyable poem :)
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