Who Slammed Doors For Fun And Perished Miserably

A trick that everyone abhors
In little girls is slamming doors.

by Hilaire Belloc Click to read full poem

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SO she died slamming her door?
Very Well Written Poem! ! ! ! ! With Lots Of Wisdom Shown! ! ! ! !
(Rebecca by Hilaire Belloc.) **Huge price for a door slammer.
Clever cautionary tale.
lol I was a door slammer when I was little, guess I'm luck to have survived. Very enjoyable poem :)
In similar vein: Don't shut the door! I roared with vigour Watch your fingers They would swell bigger If trapped between door and stile It would remove the smile From your face, if so captured And you, no longer enraptured Would be in great pain So Don't shut the door! I yelled again
lovely write-a fun read
Amusing poem. However I cant help thinking How terribly wrong it was To place Abraham's bust on that wall
A very entertaining and humorous poem yet the lines ‘And down it came! It knocked her flat! It laid her out! She looked like that.’ end weakly with the ambiguous ‘She looked like that.’ The poem would attain a more thrilling climax if continuity was maintained and the last line of this important stanza finished ‘It laid her out! Dead just like that! ’ The contrast with the next stanza beginning ‘Her funeral sermon (which was long’ is then more fitting in relationship to the grim humour of her ‘deadful end’.
Truly outstanding poem. It hits on all cylinders. The words flow like a gently flowing river and no one needs to guess at the meaning. No need to ponder and guess at meanings, it is all laid out for you, and besides it has a moral.Asolutely enchanting.
Thanks God this poet died before making world more complicated.
When fun becomes serious it is death sure! Very good poem!
The doors i get slammed on me, have diffrent kinds of busts, the sport some get from this just leaves me miserable..i confess..iip..this fine gentleman understood the flux all to well..
Only from this poem I came to know that one of the hobbies of our children of yesteryears was slamming the doors! What a sad end for Rebecca!
Does anyone know what 'She looked like that' means. I like the way he partly lets off the children who slam doors with the last line.
A child's folly and fun. Sort of like kids pulling the legs off bugs, to watch them stumble around and giggle to each other. Though the Lord says, vengence is mine, I will recompense. [ Guess GOD made good ].
Yes, it's a rhyming poem but there's plenty of emotional prose out there. I found this one to be great fun!
Unforseen consequences of our own mischief. Who has never wanted to quiet an unruly child? Who has never been unruly? We're all annoying, and wish the others would just disappear from time to time. Anyway, Belloc was quite a grumpy man. But his biographies are very perceptive - gems of literature.
Yes I do agree this poem does remind me of Roald Dahl. Though I tend to appreciate more romantic, thought provoking, deep thinker poems I think this poem taught me something with a laugh.
I have to say it does remind me of ROALD Dahl but that is beside the point it probably has some deeper meaning but in the mean time is rather amusing.