Poem By Noel Taylor

Now this is poetry for you right here.This poem is for the kings of men who don't quite agree with how everybody sees things and so call claims that these men are the ones who always defends.

Here I go again with me basically speaking my opinion.Here I go again expressing myself while I'm out here in life to fight to win.

Me, Myself, and I knows that there's nothing going on that's is sickening.

I just roll with the punches of how I feel I just bring it and I sometimes before I make my final decision think twice and rethink it.

Growing up from a little boy to an adult male I had asthma and out grew it and now I'm tall, strong, and fit.

I'm a standup guy and I don't allow for anyone to just stand me up and just backdown as a king I where my crown and then in life I read it and weep it.

God gave me so many gifts and I can't just let them go to waist because of other's people opinions about me why I feel so sorry for other's people because they expect me to be afraid of them when in fact they'll just get dissed.

I have zero tolerance for anyone just coming at me that makes me keep my guard up like Moses as when he took his rod and put a ring of fire around himself with fire as he took his rod and did this it kept him from being murdered or at risk.

Elijah, the prophet himself had a drinking addiction and tried to commit suicide and threw his self on the train tracks and God told him no meditate and set yourself free from all the pain you went through while standing on your two feet.

It was said that King David was just like his son Solomon and it was said that Solomon was actually stronger than his own father king David.While King David's son Solomon taught King David somethings even if King David refused to be taught from a younger person and King David back then should have just let his own son teach.

They say I'm a creep but I totally disagree while I'm fighting everyday for my life and is still on my two feet.

I go off my own basic instincts and I know to me personally they do not stink.

Coming up in the world I was always very happy and spiritual going to Markham skating rink.

Now this is Poetry for you right here.I don't smoke and I never have smoked and I don't drink any lean.

After being so deeply hurt so bad I became really mean.

Me loving to cook for people and being a writer was always my dream.

Everyday practicing writing Poetry I became not so mad or sad and more clean with the way I think.

I realized in life that every one has their own opinion about people but I never cared for people taking things to the extreme with me.

Now this is Poetry for you right here.My days of reclaiming my heart, body, and soul was all my goal.My days of reclaiming my heart, body, and soul is actually something I got used to and is something that I like to do you know.Not living my life based off other people's opinions I found out really was the key.

Everyone on the Universe is free to be who they wan't to be as long as they're grown and don't choose to live their lives based off other people's opinions which can be negative or ugly and hurt people very deep.

Kunta Kinte, A men during slavery refuse to keep up with other slaves and refuse to be beat and admit what was his real name.

Rosa Parks, refuse to give up her bus seat and it was not that she felt different from anyone else or thought she was better than anyone else but the fact is that she was considered a lady with a nice good heart and probably wasn't so mean.

Radio Raheem refuse to give up his radio off Do The Right Thing.He himself refused and rebelled in a way where he fought the police because at the time he was mad and his anger was extreme.

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