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Rebellion is a
personal or ideological
I believe that
the rebellion doesn't
have deeper purpose
to cling
On occasion the
rebellion is futile
Rebellion is not
a random event
I'm looking for
a strong and
very solid intellectual
I'm proud not
to participate in
any rebellion
Some rebellions aren't
so strong to
be followed with
I do not
understand the reasons
that lead to
We don't win
rebellions indeed they
cause losses
In it there
is a lot
of intensity and
the tension is
It is disturbing
to find that
there are many
and various rebellions
However there are
millions of silent
and effective rebellions
It's a supreme
block of a
quiet stability
It could be
a dutiful arrangement
Sometimes it is
sinful and too
expensive in energy
It is for
a better democracy
It doesn't give
the power

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