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Rebels Fall
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Rebels Fall

What is it that your hungry mind still seeks,
have you not taken in all thoughts of science,
and philosophy and human failing, it reeks
your valiant effort, though fanatic, in defiance
of fellow man's complacent, bound convention
and of your peers' judgmental jealousy?
So is what you pursue a truly genuine intention
of finding knowledge, so benignly, just for thee?
We shall not suffer the conceit of bold fools lightly!
One must accept in life one's station and horizon.
Your accident of birth, your genepool, so unsightly
as proof enough should lead to your surmising
that one can count the numbers of tall poppies on one hand.
Which is our gentle, and so human means of genuine concern,
intended to convince, to let you understand
that all belligerence, inevitably, will wither like a fern,
this in the face of what has been and always will remain:
A world of equal and transparent rights for all.
Thus at your deepest peril, utterly and blatantly insane,
will you stand in the midst of us. As rebel you shall fall.

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Comments (5)

Herbert always has the deeper meaning Janice, always just beneath and surrounding his words, his words are like sweet dew and the soft grass underneath, the real meaning. Excellent again.
Yes as did the other one. They would definitely qualify as sonnet style. I don't think the old sonnets can be matched, but these newest works of yours are a very good imitation. Afterall. A sonnet is a part of history. You are definitely not history. You are alive and well and writing poems on Poem Hunter. Your hidden meanings come through loud and clear. However I wonder if you even realise you have that meaning behind your work.? ? ? Is it just me who reads deeper into what is written or is the desired effect you have, to make readers think beyond the square? ? Hugs Jan
Love this H, it sounds like one of my 'inner chorus' voices of dissent, finally given a solo, before I hustle it back into the ranks and tell it to shut-up: -) Excellent: -)
Well, after all, I AM old enough to be your father (almost) . Actually I am experimenting. Does this qualify as a sonnet? H
Herbert, this one really hit home with me. You could've been addressing me as my father would.