Rebirth As Lipstick

If lipstick is your new-found life
you came back in bright red.
And found a job with G'man's wife,
went with her to her bed.

Do not forget that the UK
breeds nasty strep. faecalis.
It likes to visit, then to stay
in noses with a malice.

And causes sinusitis there,
that does create much goo,
which dribbles down, it isn't fair
to land on top of you.

I would advise you take the job
of creamy dark eye shade,
and when the tears come down, each drop
will trickle through, then fade
through gravity, and, being clear
you could pretend a bit:
Compared to strep they taste like beer.
And do you think that's it?

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

Enjoyed this one, Herbert.
This is a most excellent piece!