The Moment

Everyone, while wandering, is looking for
an answer,
If we were together, even time could be
under our control or so I thought back
Instead time flows on, even the colors of
the sky have changed,
and our hearts passed right on by each
In the never-ending course of the seasons,
wouldn't it be nice if we could freeze time
at that one moment?
The two of us, while still wandering,
are searching for love in the far corners of
the darkness...
What color is the sky right now where you
As it is I can't ask again,
As I continue to forget the important
things in life,
my heart becomes a little confused...
I know the sky will remain unchanged,
the moment between us, are already left,
Left like a stardust blew by the wind,
Wanting to change it back like we used to be...
But i dont know anything at all,
Who am i to say, u need me back,
Who am i to say, i can change the past,
Im just a normal human being who is always
Stepping forward without you by my side is
hard for me,
But ill be alright, cause the moment,
Between you and me, make me strong,
Love changed everything in my whole life...

by Lavigne Kin

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Enjoyed this one, Herbert.
This is a most excellent piece!