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Vacation Memories
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

Vacation Memories

Poem By Marilyn Lott

Before the chatoyant twilight came ashore
Dazzled whims blocked my soul
I had to break the chains of hells
To break these horrendous Satan spells

Ambivalent flavors darkened me
With a taste of lime and rotten fruit
Emotions leaping in a conoid mould
Steering me towards an act of cold

A clouded place is where I dwell
Black and white is all I see
Then I looked into the sky
For the Spirit to hear my cry

Pitter-patter sounds came by
The sacred Beauty cried with me
Purifying me from the sins of Seth
Steered away from taunting death…

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Comments (1)

I liked the way you handled the rhyme mould/cold and Seth/death are not overused and the sound natural in this context. The line 'Ambivalent flavors darkened me' is surprising and evocative. 'Chatoyant' sent me to the OED - an unusual and apt word. However, the image of 'Emotions leaping in a conoid mould' did not work for me - leaping/mould as images clashed and 'conoid' seemed pretentious.