Reborn Life

The time has come to get repaid for what you done.
The previous experience that will change you for life.
The one you thought that come true is your least worries, in for your soul.
The wasted years of pass experience on the wrong subject has taken you to a new view of your self.
What has now been gone has only been the beginning of a new start, which you have to take place in.
Why should we be dealt with so severe consequence if there not even they’re to begin with?
Life is only what you put into it, not what you wish for in your benefit.
The qualities of experience of ciceroni that develops in only you’re subsonic ability, to be you!
Fine the guide of your belief system of confection, which strives in your ability like a canebrake.
The rage that puts you in the depression your not looking for but exiting the careless that not brier to truth.
One by one is only the sliest tips of steps you incomplete in your daily lives.
What has life done to you to make this exotic inexperience for your Reborn life? !

by James Anderson

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