Poem Hunter
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)


Everyday people have lives based on thousands of mistakes
Lonely people take their lives because it gives more than it takes
The scriptures say we should live a life that mirrors that of our lord
But we abandon those scriptures in order drink life as it's poured
A half full glass of wine on an empty Sunday night
Seeking happiness but forever dark because we refuse to seek light
But something feels rather strange about this particular day
Something inside us telling us to live a certain new way
The way the lord had commanded before we broke apart from him
Living in fufillment and providing a guiding light when the room is dim
Although helping others isn't necesarily caring for ourself
Providing resources for those in need brings us moral wealth
Anxiously awaiting a chance to become more than what I am
I rise up from the bed until I break open an oppourtunity dam
And let the floodgates arise for worldwide love and joy
Living the love shared by mother and daughter, girl and boy
Using new methods to recreate outdated hatred society likes to employ
Breaking away from deaths domination on the life we all share
Becoming a new free world that the entire world can share
But for now it's just a dream... Looking at the streets it won't happen it seems
Yet I still maintain a glimmer of hope in it, my eye's small gleam
So that one day... This engine of sanctity can pick up steam

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