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Rebuttal Strokes (On Forum)

A crash I hold in the palm of my hand
Disappear I say.. it goes by command! ! !

Dress is disrobed, slipped off burgandy socks
leggings of black, green knickers deflowered
a dressing gown so pale over jumper of brown
naked I now sit, shall I lie on the ground? ? ?

Pardon the Kraut who must always correct
tis burgundy socks that today you select,
neither leggings nor knickers or gowns, be they sheer
turn me on, but the sight of your front or your rear
is enough to send shivers of ice and high heat
into loins to expand all the chambers surrounding the meat.
You may sit though I'll first place beneath my visage
and I'll drink from the fount of your flowing mirage.

Pardon I take from the Kraut with the spell
Burgundy wine must be the selection I make
The clothing has been stripped, away it fell
Naked on poetry, bared on warmed cake
Kiss the gloss icing, this mirage is awake…
Chambers surround, all meetings be loin
Drink from that fount, I flow as we join

I shall pour over you the most exquisite wine,
then lay out on your belly and breasts, so devine
twenty oysters, some berries and some peaches and cream
would you join as we dine on this wonderful dream?
Cream that's whipped shall grace all of your nakedness soon
and I'll hand you the family's best silver spoon.

From porcelain dainty, I’ll dip from the platter
Dessert before main in the whine… I take latter
Butt tis science I yearn not silver of maiden hand
bubblings of spirits, and wonderment planz

fusing, golden nanorods join
stems.. be wealth of cells
assembly in a mass of coin
discoveries, its purposes tells...

All ye men do not gather tis the province of one
I've selected the maiden just to dance in the sun.
She will share in the food and the reddest of wines
in the morn may forget all her poetry lines.
Yet what is, may I ask, more beguiling than flesh
it would never deter, as I enter the mesh.

As I end now tonight, tis now known do you guess
Come the morning of after, a newness afresh
of po’ums and their lines shared here to view
tis time for goodbye, au revoir, and adieu…

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Uniqur and totally beautiful two are amazing in your poetry....Fi 10+++++