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Hold on.
She was not my mother.
A mere pale yellowish birth certificate cannot establish our relationship!
Trust me, I am pretty sure -
I can never be nurtured in her protective cosy womb!
I mean, how is that possible!
After all, how can I be such tiny ever?

Before I could move on, please allow me to explain this whole tied up scribble.
Or rather, let me have the opportunity to put forth this delusion in the following way -

The moment she embraced me for the first time within her closely knitted warmth -
I actually attained enlightenment.
I realized the existence of the Supreme Being within me.
I analyzed the circumference of this Milky way as well as the entire universe!

Well, if now a distinct look can be taken at the first stanza once again..
I can atleast reaffirm my first statement.
'She was not my mother.'
Just because,
She still carries the lamp within me throughout this blindfolded life lane!

There must have been some mis-association of the 'tense'!
Hardly matters!
You are in a position to ignore now it's ultimate consequence!

by Parijat Banerjee

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You are in a position to ignore now it's ultimate consequence! ...............check the difference between it's and its. people often use the wrong word. though i appreciate the 'topics' listed and the poet's note, i still don't follow the poem well. but, looking at the picture and reading the poet's note, i feel you really miss your mom! bri :)
Parijat, such a great write👍👍👍