Receding From Depleting Beliefs

Receding from depleting beliefs.
With a permanent recession...
To fade away completely.
And keeping delusions,
Kept more valued than a reality that is...
Has made truth to face to interpret as evil.
Yet those who choose to use these interpretations,
Will not replace the existence of truth...
For those still pursuing those 'innocent' yesterdays.
When reality lived with a tasting to do,
Of those varieties enticed with temptating spices...
Was not such a high price to pay as they are today.

'What on Earth are you doing with that loaf of bread? '

~Slicing it in half.
To then pretend I am on a diet.
With eat piece to eat in moderation.~

'And that fried egg?
Why do you cut it that way? '

~In the shell...
It may have one yolk.
After I fry it and cut it up...
I have EGGS.
Would you like to share my egg sandwich? ~

'But then...
There would be little left.'

~That's your perception.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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