Received 'Outside' Of It To Get

Being me and with identity,
Has been less of a statement to make...
Than it has been a progress with steps to make.
And a doing to proceed forward.

Without the benefit to overuse excuses to create,
With a denying many mistakes I have made...
To achieve comprehension and clarity.
The running into brick walls helped with that.

And perhaps in that doing done,
To do unafraid to readily admit...
My experiences obtained have been painful to gain,
An insight others might interpret as a wisdom.

Yet...and this I will confess,
No one but myself has witnessed the scars and bruises.
That came with pain to remind me 'how',
Whatever it is 'inside' my head had been contributed mostly...
To what I received 'outside' of it to get.
And the receiving of it for me has not been a mystery.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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