Received Without Sacrifice

Years spent in learning a craft.
Or the multiple tasks attached to applying...
That which is associated in the creation of it.
Benefits with the experience of observation.
And plenty of lessons through frustrations learned.

Pieces believed by others to be detached,
Are actually there in place.
And many are not aware of that.
One foot directed,
Does not mean the other does not sometimes drag.

Many have their eyes on a prize.
And become discouraged,
By the assortment of different routes...
Avenues, valleys and streams,
One motivated takes...
To put together a dream.
Sometimes with mistakes and false starts.

Even painful screams to see created,
What one eventually achieves.
Is believed by others...
To be as easy as a wish delivered.
Without shedding blood, sweat and lots of tears!
Only those giving their time,
Knows what that giving of time means to give...
Throughout the years.

Some believe gifts given,
Are received without sacrifice.
And they are the ones procrastinating...
Sitting to seek a more sweetened advice.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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