(anti Prejudice Poem) 99 Virgins Still Bleed

Such sorrow.
Felt through the worlds tomorrow.
A mass explosion.
Suicide on the mind.
No matter the cause.
A family has died.
A candle light vigil through the centuries.
The hate builds.
And regret just never heals.
Its just another life to steal.
Ah it just can't be real.
A figment of all our imaginations.
A proclamation written upon the constellations.
The 99 virgins still bleed.
An ignorant belief.
Where life is better when it is not so precious.
No moral compass or guidance.
Just a blind march to destroy and deploy chaos.
Who cares about the personal cost.
Their not me.
I don't have to live with repercussions.
Well you're so wrong.
You human as all of us.
And you'll rot and be turned into dust.
Forever to be forgot.
Only the lives you took will ever be remembered.
I remember them do you?

by Ace Of Black Hearts

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