Recharged To Boost Your Energy

I am with you,
And I will be.
I know we've exchanged,
Spoken words with inconsistency.
You are like a seasoning I need,
Once sprinkled on something eaten I crave.
And I want more of that,
To fulfill the inside of me.

I am with you,
And I will be.
I'd like to see you touch the sky,
And be troubled free.
I'd like to know you would come to me,
To be recharged to boost your energy.

I am with you,
And I will be...
If this is what you believe you need.
I do!
If this means that I am and will be.
I can.
Part of a shared happiness,
That is comprehended...
As I understand it.

And there to be what you and I together wish,
Without 'this' despondent distance.
Like two peas in a pod that has been split.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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