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Bunderstanding A Chicken

As in education, politics, and religion, a chicken has two wings.
The right wing and the left wing.
In my processing of thought as a student, dilemnic thoughts.
In congruence with more from the left, I have ascertained.
Both wings are talking out of both sides of their mouth.
Diversity has many faces and gives us a vision,
We choose to admire those differences we can love.
The left wing has somewhere left out the inequality.
Increased commitment to the celebration of diversity,
And the redress of historical grievances has converted itself,
Into the accomplice rather than the opponent of the right.
A symposium of the Who's Who of educators in America,
Agreeing our system is in shambles, outdated, ineffective,
Yet we continue No Child Left Behind with fervor,
Our educational system in K-12 and college,
Ignores and promotes upon assessing intelligence quotients,
Leaving the creative and the innovative behind.
The real-world problem solver's maybe discounted,
Because they tend to enjoy singing or dancing in class.
Many creative and innovative geniuses must move to think,
Yet we discharge them from class or school,
Insisting they need to be put on Ritalin and have ADHD!
Doing the same, expecting different results.
Leaving so many of the innovative and creative ones behind.
Bill Gates flunked out of college!
Einstein couldn't find his way home from 7 blocks away!
Yet they seemingly made a contribution.
How many Gates' and Einsteins' are we leaving behind.

by Barry A. Lanier

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