Recipe 'poulet Roti' French Style- Ballade 'le Chant Royal' - 11

<b>RECIPE: "Poulet Roti" French Style - Ballade "Le Chant Royal" 11


Even as this Royal Lay comes to an end
Yet one more crime hatched on one more ruse and lie
Gets committed to drive this one round the bend:
"Bite the bait, harrowed be, before you die! "
Same message for more than half a century
The Kafkayesque trial that wastes energy:
Witnesses who'd gladly turn King's evidence
Lawyers who'd hoodwink you and make no pretence
The migrant crowd trained to oust you out of bounds
To please authority Left or Right of fence
Independent de Gaulle men gone from home grounds.


"Freemasons Grand Orient kind take offence,
Want you kept down whatever your innocence:
At the highest level this decision stands! "
Said de Gaulle Police Chief in-charge of defence.
Independent de Gaulle men gone from home grounds.

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris,2017</b>

by T. (no first name) Wignesan

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Politics all over are the same, Bits of human power, gone insane. Interesting poem