Recipe 'poulet Roti' French Style- Ballade Le Chant Royal - 7

<b>RECIPE: "Poulet Roti" French Style - Ballade "Le Chant Royal" 7


"Come, join us! Stand alone and we'll make you sweat!
See how your spouse sucks with us, so will your son!
Those who prop you up depart, yes, with regret.
Men can't pull their weight alone under any sun! "
"I have a book I consult from time to time
Which makes me believe how in another clime
My high-born friends still wish me well on this earth
Wish me to stick to my guns, stick to my birth."
"Bring your book with you, we pay well for clues views
Glimpses into the future to boost our girth.
Our Nation über Alles! Make that news! "


"Look up into the Heavens, then down on Earth!
Think on trillion worlds where our lives provoke mirth
The Légion d'honneur lapel pin, on Death's dues!
Is Life merely about success stories, not Truth? "
Our Nation über Alles! Make that news!

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris,2017</b>

by T. (no first name) Wignesan

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