Recipe 'poulet Roti' French Style- Ballade 'le Chant Royal' - 9

<b>RECIPE: "Poulet Roti" French Style - Ballade "Le Chant Royal" 9


The French way is to damn you as litigant
Constant professional victim of the Law
Make you read law books be your own defendant
Rush about hang in queues write letters in awe
To lawyers judges ministers presidents
Cull evidence witnesses sealed documents
Which lawyers misplace refuse to cite in case
Desert you in court judges' contempt to face
Appeal after appeal the single-parent
Must kneel to abuse looks threats to save one's face
Ev'ry legal ruse used to make one relent


The mother well-entrenched in high police place
Tightens the screws turns the spit with cruel grace
Lets son stew in acrid juice with lone parent
While her wild secret antics rue her race
Ev'ry legal ruse used to make one relent

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris,2017</b>

by T. (no first name) Wignesan

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