They choose to be about nothing.
That's why they are about it!
It takes all their effort,
To get clothed to gossip.
With rollers in their hair,
And pushing strollers!

They choose to be recipients,
Of anything handed out and free.
For generations...
That's all they know their lives to be!
And the men?
Very few of them.
They never grow from being boys.
And become overjoyed...
To be sentenced to prison!
'There' everything is done for them!

Pawns belonging to an eroding society.

They choose to be about nothing.
And that is why they are about it!
And those who have kept them there,
To entertain their demented egos...
Get paid to display their own ignorance!
And the affect of this,
Has detrimental benefits!

Leaving them all to fight for their rights.
Even over blighted sites,
They fight without a hint of insight!
And it is all a struggle over nothing.
Since that is the kind of life 'dished'
That has been accepted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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How much more right can you be? Its so sad to see the decay of our society by free-loaders. But maybe its the system that enables it! The founders had it right: A government that governs best is the government that governs least. I'm all for a safety net, but when do we stop becoming enablers? Great job, as usual