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Reciprocated Love

Having felt the joys of requited love
Running parallel lines to reciprocated love
For my love and darling loves me truly
From thy honesty of thy heart my one only
Giving in return my every romantic favour
Adding to thy sweetness more drops of flavour
Bringing in harmony to our wonderful affair
So the queen of my heart your title I confer
In recognition of thy visible ethical tendency
Expressed in worthiness of thy etiquette decency
When having laid down support in my every move
Standing side by side in love you did prove
So now I imagine a cause worth fighting for
For like Helen of Troy your love I'll fight for
Bringing in warriors through rivers for your love
To the shores of Troy and the shores of love
For proof of bravery for your gentle presence
Having stood in remaining my perfect essence
In giving you my love in every last piece
For being merry in having found lasting peace
From a lovely lady as worthy as an angel
Since my reciprocated love with you my angel.

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