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Bodiless Soul

A friend in need is a friend indeed,
A hand to wipe your tears
A tap to encourage and soothe
A shoulder you rest your head
A fist that safeguards you
A word that comforts you
A heart that loves and lives in you
A soul that yearns for your great heights in life
A Fairy that God has sent to you
A shadow that follow you always
Even in your odds and bads;
A man that cares no charge to cheer you up
All in one body but soul in you
Bodiless soul and soul without body,
That’s a friend and it means You!

by Sasikala Kamandula

Comments (2)

There and thence emotions sprouted in my clogged veins and I sprang to life and is still alive. node of approval ....... reciprocation..... thank you for this nice poem, portraying life and its problems. thank you. tony
Living on borrowed time! Nice piece of work.