( / Lynchburg, Virginia)


A faithful whisper from the heart that hides
falls between the cresting of ocean tides.
On wings of prayer, a mystical birth,
sunlight flashes a smile across the earth.

The moss-green meadow with her daffodils
runs into the distance across the hills;
and her perfume lingers, fragrant and sweet.
I nestle in her cloud-pavilioned seat.

In a sky-swirled skirt of lace filigree,
with sparkles of copper-green verdigris,
I dream of the future - lovely, divine.
A balmy breeze kisses the crescent vine.

O! Maker of earth and heavenly spheres,
whose Love is mightier than mortal fears!
Bring the ecstasy, the hope, and the bliss,
bouquets that blossom in every kiss.

The language of love is written on air.
It sings in the sunshine and starry square.
A verdurous vision, as yet unseen,
love sways in the branches in groves of green.

Love is the deep kiss that kisses our hearts.
It may be shattered, but it never parts.
For, love is eternal, ever abides,
a faithful whisper from the heart that hides.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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