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Recite Me A Rhyme

Recite me a rhyme of the babbling rill
That splashes and dashes down the field by the hill
At the start of it's journey to the river far away
It flows on forever by night and by day

Recite me a rhyme of the yellow tail black cockatoos
The birds that are know to some as the weerloos
Their familiar weerloo calls carrying in the breeze
As they shred the pine cones for their seeds on the monterey pine trees

Recite me a rhyme of the gray haired old bloke
No better than he is for to tell a good joke
For a good laugh at life on him you can depend
The man who does never seem short of a friend.

Recite me a rhyme of Nature in the Spring
When wildflowers are in bloom and the nesting birds sing
When the little brown lark in the dawning gray
Fly up towards the clouds for to welcome the day

Recite me a rhyme of the rhyming non poet
Though he or she not deemed to be worthy of note
And despite what the literary critics of them does say
Their musical words do bring joy to my day.

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