Only those without a clue,
Seeking with wishes...
For fortune and fame,
To obtain recognition and attention to get...
Do not realize what giving up their lives mean,
With a doing to allowed...
One's identity and dignity kept.
Without being expected to be a novelty...
Inspected to dissect to judge and accept.
To then reject if one decides to protect,
In peace and away from disrespect.

Fame can ruin any peace one desires.
Especially among those,
Riddled with envious jealousy.
And one who has ever achieved recognition,
Feels blessed to have their sacrifices recognized...
Fame to have for others to perceive is easy...
Comes with a price one pays.
With attempts made to remain discreet.

Once one's fame and success has been leaked,
To become known publicly...
The only peace of mind and quiet time kept,
Is when one finally finds...
A disguise of an attitude rumored by others,
That one has let a recognition to receive...
Destroy the person they use to be.

'Who do they think they are?
I remember when they were 'nuthin'.'

~When was that? ~

'Just a few days ago.'

They have been successful,
For many years.~

'I don't care about that.
That gives them no reason,
To act all 'uppity' now.'

WHY would they want to do that now,
When I've seen them walking or taking a bus...
And talking with others where they live.
Which so happens to be in a neighborhood,
I've heard you say you wouldn't accept pay...
To live there.~

They could at least be more impressive.'

~To please...
Who? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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