Recognition To Acknowledge

I promised myself,
Again I would listen.
With intent,
Of my empathy given.
But there are some,
Who wish to get more than that.
They want it shown to make known,
What it is they carry on their backs
Can be quickly unpacked,
To unload and dump on another.

I promised myself,
To try yet again...
Listening to comprehend,
With empathy given.
Heartfelt sincerity,
I can not pretend.

And then...
A voice inside my head said to me,
'The last time I called you stupid.
This time, perhaps, recognition,
Will prevent the mentioning of it.
You should redefine your terms.
And under which conditions,
You are willing to listen.
Without promising yourself to do it.
To know a dumping on you will come! '

I hear to understand Your truth!
With a recognition to acknowledge,
I can not pretend I don't hear.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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