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Recognizable Patience
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Recognizable Patience

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It would be easier for someone,
Who has any recognizable patience left...
To teach a raccoon with impaired vision,
How to drive a car.
Than it would be to tell a group of grown people,
Seen running into a brick wall to do repeatedly,
That such a doing is unhealthy.
And will eventually affect them severely.
Both mentally 'and' physically.

And to then recommend either a ladder,
Or walking around it would achieve success.
Since 'obvious' it is,
That a speed from which the runnning is done...
To hit the wall,
Is not going to have an affect on that wall at all.
'Someone' will find a reason to get upset and protest.
Which then leads to an unnecessary argument.

It is best for anyone 'today'...
With recognizable patience left wishing it kept,
To use it as a choice to choose not to waste...
On 'anything' that will not return complete satisfaction.
And to leave what is impossible to accomplish,
DO NOT involve reason, comprehension...
Or what is perceived to be common sense.
WITH a consciousness. Oh no, don't do that.
Leave what is impossible to accomplish, alone!

'I'm sorry.
Where were we?
Oh yes.
Remember, after you turn the key,
Keep both paws on the wheel.
Look both ways AND behind you.
Then slowly press the pedal to give it gas.
And be sure your vision is focused and clear.
Relax. Pretend you don't see them...
Giving us 'the finger'.'

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