Recognize Me

Poem By seqouiyah young

While im all alone, I try to let my thoughts float loose

think of it as a boat, soaring the sea. You want to be

you, although Recognize me. It's been a long time.

I've been waiting for your arrival, time is steady

cutting loose. Time doesn't last forever, so why dont

you recognize me? Im good at what I do! I'll prove

whatever I have too. Read what I have to say, and

consider some of the things that I do. I'll show you,

but only if I have too. Maybe If I shout infront of a big

crowd, I'll be recognized just like you. Or perhap's I'll

run a marathon? Just for thee attension. So I'll be recognized

just like you.- Tall, or short, thin, or thick.... Recognize Me-

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