(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Minds like that...
Have been poisoned for so long.
And for all the wrong reasons,
They would rather keep their sights...
Away from light.
Defending themselves in darkness.
To continue the spread of blight.

A condemnation of others,
Has kept them in constant fights.
And a reconciliation,
Brewing to heal a bitterness...
They have intentionally inflicted.
Comes to appease.
As the Sun begins to spread,
To remove an evilness they have long fed!

But instead they choose to make excuses,
To oppose any rainbows appearing on the horizon.
Insisting that death in valor...
Is worth to maintain,
A diminishing isolation...
Hopelessly maintained,
They will defeat the odds...
And someday regain!

And still all efforts God has shown,
How they are insignificant...
And what Mother Nature does...
Has no affect.
This goes ignored...
As they infest with their insecurities,
Built upon souls of emptiness.
Although brazen and bold.

They wish to believe...
Their deceit and greed,
Somehow will succeed!
No matter how much blood is spilled.
And no matter whose blood they bleed!
As the messengers with their messages,
Go ignored.
And yet they can not see...
That these,
Are their last days to surrender their ways!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

this rings true in so many aspects of life at the moment...well said.
Well said Lawrence. The blindness is self inflicted.