(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Recovering From A Blackout

Off script to depict a wholesomeness.
And a virgin state of mind.
Angelic and untouched.
By gutter sleaze or it's smut.
Until folks woke up.
Struck by a dose of reality.
With it to learn,
Those with looks as if heaven sent.
Will have a reputation,
By others known.
One who has shown to be no angel.
Has proven with evidence,
A demon belligerent.
Yet professes an innocence.
After slugging too much alcohol.
And swinging instead of singing,
An intended spiritual hymn.
Remembered when unconscious.
During moments suspended.
And done to do,
While recovering from a blackout.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

An engaging piece of work, Lawrence...I wonder what you might have been thinking about at the tme...(wink, wink) . credibility has become so hard to come by today, as our suspicious proclivity has become an obsession that I believe only breeds disingenuousity on both sides of the fence...Of course that is just an IMO from a Conservative slant on certain issues...but understanding to both sides of the fence as I tend to climb over from time to time...Awesome work...enjoyed the read.