Poem Hunter
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)


Children at play,
Amused by the slightest thing.
Eating the last thing on their mind.
Little boy he can do a headstand, no hands,
Delighted in joy.
The moment, expressed.

Family sings,
A card made.
All the best for good recovery.
Strength in relationships.

A little bear.
Balloons, a verse,
and shapes cut out,
I see Lilacs.
I see play.
I see beauty.

I am enriched,
I am calm.
Recovery is on its way,
I am recovered.
My mind working with my heart.

I see life anew,
I see beauty,
I hear music.
I resonate with vibrant energy.

I am alone here with you.
On and on we go,
Recovery, thank you.
Recovered a new sense of being.

Saturday 29 April 2006

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