Recycled Pirouette

China clouds awake the dawn, crashing to the heaven beyond.
Stars un-light in daytime skies as moonbeams fade away from sight.
Planets that are now in hiding wait for night and other sightings.
Delicious light, the day's reward, opens on its own accord.
Stretching sun laughs long and loud at retracting stars and clouds.
Breaking light, well on its way, celebrates another day.

Firelight that couldn't hold, shrinking from a world grown cold,
ends the day with sinking hope - darkening each mountain slope.
A silky moon now on the rise, viewed through lovers' starry eyes,
takes the night-time magic on - awaiting morning's fiery dawn.

by Christine K. Trease

Comments (1)

Absolutely delightful, Christine. It must be so tempting though, to end by repeating the first line? Danny.