An Ambition By Jagdish Prakash

Late at that night,
She came at my door,
I could not behold her,
She spoke something with a voice subdued,
What she spoke I cannot recall,
I only remember she came to entrust me,
For she had something in her hands,
Which I could not see.

Sometimes it happens so,
We listen not what we do not intend to listen,
We see not what we do not intend to see,
But long ago a feeling aroused in my mind
To be entrusted by her something,
That was why my Daman spread by itself,
But before I could take something,
She went back all silent,
And I came back to my bed,
Silent and nervous too.

by Muhammad Shanazar

Comments (1)

Absolutely delightful, Christine. It must be so tempting though, to end by repeating the first line? Danny.