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Poem By Jeremiah Prince

The world is majestic;
Beautiful close-up.
But what would our world be
Without the colors that make it up?

There are many colors
That keep this world from dread,
But one of my very favorites
Is the color by the name of Red.

Red is a wonderful color.
It’s enjoyable to me,
And red’s also very beautiful
Beyond what you can see.

Red’s as hot as the fire;
A warm, internal glow.
Red’s comfortable and relaxing.
All this, I really know.

Red is energizing;
Flamboyant and boisterous.
Red is a healing color;
A soul-mending treat for us.

Red sounds like Latin music;
Rhythmic and romantic.
It’s exciting like a circus;
A highly comedic antic.

Red, it tastes like cinnamon;
Bitter, yet very sweet.
Red’s like a candy apple;
Tasty, and fun to eat.

Red is all of this and more;
A wonderful addition.
If God wanted a beautiful world,
He has accomplished his mission.

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Comments (2)

I really like this because I do like red and it looks good on me, being olive. Also my initials before marriage spelled Red. Smiling at you, Tai
Very nice, highly discriptive words, that aid in visual contact of the mind, all of the verses are discriptive of red. The last line seems to ver off course abit, it is not about 'red'. You might want to draw it in as one of God's most beautiful colors. Yes, he did accomplish his mission, just as did you with your discription of red. T