Red Berries

What a surprise- the red berries have
been stolen! They were but so cold,
and so sweet. Perhaps it is I
who is the culprit. Or perhaps, it
is the senile old man, proclaiming lightly,
'I am a rosebush', planting his forbidden
seeds, in areas maked off with yellow tape.

I cannot be punished. I am the red berry-eater,
that slithers through society without
being caught; so invisible that everybody
knows, and has punished me with ignorance.

You, the one with the blissful look
over there; are the king and tyrant,
and you, with the blinfolded eyes,
are society, happy and stupid with all you have.

You, over there, with cheerful smile
and hurtful means; are the berryeater-captor,
whom I am being hunted down by,

and I, a victim of society's evil ways,
the redberry-eater, feel
obligated to eat society's red-berries for
society's sake, my sake, for
now, and forever.

But, the truth is out:
Red Berries are nothing,
and everyone has already found out,
and they don't seem to care.

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