HM (24/10/1993 / brisbane)

Red Blood & Black Tears Part 3

a wedding,
a honeymoon,
and a devorce,
have all come and gone,
a death,
a murder,
and a suicide,
have entered her life,
more cuts,
more red blood,
and more black tears
are to come,
less love,
more death,
is all see can feel,

this is the life of a girl,
standing on a grave,
cursing at the sky in anger,
begging for him to come back,
the one she loves,
no answer,
she would sell her soul,
pay any price,
do anything,
to get her true love,
back in her very arms,

then the sky darkens,
the sun disappears,
it rains with sorrow,
for this girl,
willing to do anything,
to get a loved one back,

but with sorrow my friends,
you can't bring back what is gone,
she had to find that out the hard way,

then shes on her way home,
a car comes to a deadly stop,
in front of her,
shes grabbed and pulled into the darkness,
a candles lit,
she looks to her side,
then she yells,
help me please,
it's the...

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