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Red Chinese…

How polite are?
The Cruel Red Chinese!
Bow their head with smiles,
And gently says.
Please, Can I help you!
Our innocent peoples smile
Greet and say Oh! Yes please,
Red Chinese ripe and cut…
With sickle wheat and grain.
They killed us and lapped our brain.
How polite are?
The brute Red Chinese!
Bow and bestow their heads,
And slaughtered from toe to head,
Gently says excuse me!
May I come in?
With our luggage, cannons, and guns,
Our innocent people say Oh! Yes.
Red Chinese came forward.
We the Tibetans turn backward
From 10th march 1959 to….
How polite are?
The wild Red Chinese!
Bow their head and smile,
Gently says sorry…
This land belongs to us.
Our people did not understand.
Motionless they stand and ask.
What are you saying?
Red Chinese smiles and says.
This land belongs to us.

by Tsewang Dorjee

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