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Red Draw

Here I am again
sitting on overload
The phone is ringing
like it will explode
The bills are backing up
and the taxes overdue
I am not sure just yet
what I am going to do

I am out here today
just walking on the edge
One foot on solid ground
and the other on a ledge
The winds blowing hard
and it is starting to rain
I am not sure what's worse
the fall or your blame

My life's on Overload
most of the time
Between ex-wives and children
I always tow the line
The ex-wife's calling
and its never pleasant
tearing into me
like a child on a present

The landlord says he's selling out
and I will have to go
With nowhere left to turn
I have to hit the road
All it's going to take
is one more little thing
To blow my back out
and put my butt in a sling

What I need right now
is an Ice Cold Red Draw
and I'm not talkin about
soda pop with a straw
Its got to be good Beer
and its got to be real cold
I could be holding 4 aces
and still have to fold

For all of you
that don't have a clue
When I am talking about
Drinking Red Draws to you
Its beer and tomato juice
mixed up in a glass
If you don't like it
you can surely kiss my ……

by Rusty (Ed) Gibson

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