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Red Eye

Velvet soft,
Crystal smooth,
Perfect skin
Will still bruise
And bleed.
But inside,
Deep within,
There it lies,
The seed,
The weed
That sprouts
And fruits
And gives me away.

Blood red roses
Revealed by
Your glass eye.

It sees within,
It sees the sin,
The fires burning bright,
Sparks that spread the flame,
Light up the world,
Swings sight
From right
To the tricksy fortunes I hold.

Glittering rubies
Revealed by
Your glass eye.

Minds eye raked by fingernails,
Images crack and divide,
Swirl and spin and multiply,
Tearing vision,
A million faces hover
And laugh.

My devil eyes
Revealed by
Your glass eye.

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wow all your poems are very good..... :)