GM (December / Cali Girl)

Red Glow

Thanks to you for the Red Glow!

I'm more read than this red poem
Blush, ..sparkle sparkle


I'm more red than this read poem
Wink wink, ..twinkle twinkle


Laughs as words lift off, the page
As lines say, ..tickle tickle
In a ticklish kind of way
Leaving me speechless

With a blank stare, paper white
That's my funny bone there
I'm missing him, so much

Back to reality

Dressed in Red Glow
A perfect match
They know
Here's to my sandals and toes
To their Love
(Everybody knows!)

Red Night Tango
Brings us back
To stored up fantasies
I hope we have planned
Dancing destiny

You and me, dancing
Let's wing it
All the way
Bring it,, bring it on!

Messy hair and all
Tressles fall, ..bounce bouncing
Heartbeat counts quicken
Fastened to one another's glancing

Love, I believe if we look
In each other's glowing eyes
All the past will fade away
We will be united euphorically
In time,
Soon you'll see
When you dance with me

Glow, .. glowing
Glowingly read everywhere
All over the floor
Our love
In motion
Forward, back, forward, forward

For Keeps!
Keeping dancing reader wanting

Sweet passion


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Comments (2)

What a wonderful poem this is! We can feel the movement of the dance and the feelings within thru the verses, spectacular poetry and unique flowing style. Had not read a poem that has pleased me as much as this one has, for quite some time. And by the way, the color red, a great choice, the color of many deep passions. Loved every graciously, moving verse.
Whew.... you are an expressionist painter with words, I needed to immerse myself in your verse with a blank stare absorbing all your colors, nuances and texture of each word until finally I understood. Amazing!