What Makes You; Are Special

is it the things you try too come
back but can't.
the way your lips hang open
and flutter back and forth..
butterflies and irritated spots.
what makes you; are special.
even worm holes are suns, too block.

by James McLain

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A wondrous work that strikes at the heart of all who dare to forget the inhuman acts of our forefathers. A blazing, soul-stirring read.
Another tragedy to bring humanity to shame - will we be ever forgiven as a caretaker race who abused all and sundry standing in the way of so-called progress? I doubt it. You put the case so vividly before us we who care can only weep with shame.
A very moving depiction of one act in the tragedy of what we too often are.. You build its power gradually and ruthlessly and surely all who read it are struggling to hold it in by the end... A very fine piece of writing Tony. jim PS on this theme, Thea Gilmore's song Land of the Free (written as a teenager I think) is worth a listen.
A subject close to my heart as you know... If you can, see if you can get hold of a book about Broken Lance, a Blackfoot Indian who joined up and fought for the Americans in the first world war. It is a story of true heroism.. He stormed the German lines like the warrior he was, got shot, kept going.. Of course, the irony being that he was fighting on the side of the people who had destroyed his way of life. Truly humbling. By the way.... I know Ellen Devilliers and she is a really nice lady.
Sad and inevitable. She looks as if it could never happen. An antithesis to the grief and slaughter of the ensuing massacres. Thanks for your lovely poem. ECJ
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