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Red Is

It does not matter who you are or the color of your skin
The life's journey that will end for all from a woman does begin
With each other we share so much in common our similarities are not rare
It is the same air they do breathe the pauper and the billionaire
Born as mortals into life time on us ticks away
For each and every one of us a final night and day
The billionaire and the pauper a known stranger to fame
By the one known as the Life's Reaper are treated as the same
No escaping the Reaper of lives since death it is for all
For the wealthiest people in the World there is a final Fall
No matter what you do achieve your journey in life will end
The one who swings the scythe of death does not have any friend
In many ways we are similar quite similar indeed
No matter your color or your race red is the blood you bleed.

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