Red Rainbow Halos

I watched a moon show last night
Somehow it made everything al'right
The sky was emptying down universe in its amazing way
An expanding concave surface breaching billions of galaxies far away
The wispy clouds sketched out vast dimensions to me
The wind blew them past, sieving moonlight in color tinged degree
Red rainbow halos appeared in the cottony white islands gliding
Across the brilliant half-face of an orb so familiar it was surprising!
The stars were mini-moons; the moon was that white
The sky was endless beyond them; the stars were that bright
The air was clear and seemed fashioned for the sole purpose of holding the figments above it
So I breathed it in deeply, stood in one spot looking upwards, and took in every bit.

by Natasha Ashwe

Comments (2)

Just gorgeous, I often sit and stare at the sky at the amazing natural show it puts on for us. This is lovely.. HG: -) xx
And thanks to a well depicted picture I too have had a bit of such delight, Very nicly versed and that title draws me in......