ER (March 02,1989 / New Jersey)

Red Riding Hood Had An Affair With The Wolf

It isn’t hard to image
What exactly she’s doing there
A dingy motel with a
Flashing ‘vacancy’ sign

After all,
Some women will say
he looks good in
leather chaps
doesn’t he?

But she’s a nice girl
And a good wife
Mother of two
President of the PTA

She wonders what’s off
The beaten path
And what’s this guy
with a Harley and a grin
got that says:
‘you want this’?

Sometimes claws are better
Than fleshy man-hands
And sometimes little girls
Aren’t little at all

When he comes riding
Back into town
Looking for the girl
With that red hood
A bored housewife
Decides to play the part

He’s all wolf
And he’s all man
Being married to a hunter
She’s never felt like this

And, boy, she’ll say
Sometime later
Did that leather
Ever feel good
Rubbing hard against
Her skin

When she and her
Kids disappeared with
No Harley or grin near
The wolf will eat well

My, my, my
The old ladies at
The supermarket cluck
Little Red Riding Hood’s
A whore
But they forgot
She isn’t little anymore

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Comments (2)

simply astounding, Elizabeth. this poem is pure imaginative genius! what an original twist on an old tale. i enjoyed it immensely. Jake
I love this to bits...very clever and relatable to be honest with you...Well said! Always, amberlee