Red Thongs

Sea breeze kissing my face, walking on shore
at a very slow pace.

Wind, playing at my hair, tossing and turning.
I think of you and my heart stars yearning.

Reminiscing, on our first night, walking side
by side with a lover's stride.
Red checkered shirt and blue Levis, looking at
you and your marvelous green eyes.

Station 6 had lovers inside, hear us coming,
they run and hide.

Lyrics of Michael Franks, you sang for me,
on that warm summer night, by the beautiful sea.

Chasing grunion, you had not seen before,
shining your little flashlight on the ocean floor.

We were so happy and filled with delight, How
can I forget, that wonderful moonlit night.

You held me and kissed me, with lips oh so sweet,
As I stood there, with red thongs on my feet.

by Josephine E. Cochran

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